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About Damascus Steel Rings

All you need to know

Damascus Steel rings and bands are known for their distinctive wavy patterns, incredible strength, and stunning beauty. Like grains of wood or fingerprints, each Damascus steel ring has a unique pattern and no two will be the same. We’ll explain what Damascus steel is, why it is great to get a Damascus steel ring, and what are the things you should know and consider before purchasing your Damascus steel ring.

What is Damascus Steel?

Damascus steel is a type of steel that was used for manufacturing weapons, decorative items, and wedding bands in the Near East from ingots of wootz steel. It is molded by forging two different kinds of stainless steel together by folding and twisting the metals. Damascus steel is easily recognizable by its distinct wavy patterned designs of mottling and banding, reminiscent of flowing water. Damascus steel has a long and mysterious history of making swords and armory weapons in Japan.

The original method for making Damascus steel was casting from wootz. Cast wootz steel involves melting iron and steel together with charcoal under conditions with little to no oxygen. The metal then absorbs carbon from the charcoal, and slow cooling of the alloy results in a crystalline material containing carbide.

The best thing about Damascus steel is that it can be customized to any shape or form. Nowadays, Damascus steel jewellery such as rings and wedding bands are proving more and more popular as a finger accessory.

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Why you should get a Damascus Steel Ring


Damascus steel rings are highly durable and long-lasting that makes them an ideal ring choice for daily wear. However, it is essential to consider that the quality of craftsmanship plays a significant role in the durability of Damascus steel rings. If the designs are merely surface painted and not etched into the metal, it is bound to flake and deteriorate with time. Our rings are always original Damascus steel rings made using the proper methods to ensure quality and durability.

Scratch resistance

Damascus steel rings are approximately twice the hardness of cobalt, chromium and titanium which makes them highly scratch-resistant. However, even with this hardness, it can scuff and show wear over time. However, the wavy patterns may even help hide the scratches, more so than most other metals.

Low maintenance

Damascus steel rings require no particular upkeep and maintenance, compared with gold or diamond rings that require more maintenance. Any maintenance can be done conveniently at home.


Damascus steel rings made of high-quality steel alloys don’t rust. These are the marine alloys 304L and 316L that are highly durable. However, low-quality metals and tools used in creating Damascus wedding bands or rings tend to rust when exposed to various chemicals.

Flexibility and style

Damascus steel rings can be customized and personalized. The rings can be created in combination with contemporary metals, precious metals, and combinations of the two.

Unique designs

No two patterns of Damascus steel rings and wedding bands will ever be the same because different shades and metals are used for creating jewelry. The designs are like fingerprints that cannot be the same for two rings.


Damascus steel jewelry is often quite affordable as the metal is made of iron alloys which are not expensive. However, the quality of craftsmanship, brand, designer, and metals combined are factors that will affect the final price.

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Things to consider


Damascus steel rings and wedding bands are created with twice the hardness of cobalt, chromium and titanium, which makes it difficult to resize Damascus steel rings. Attempting to resize the hard stainless steel Damascus ring would only result in damaging the ring.

However, at The Ring Shop, we offer a Resize Service for all our customers.

Chemical Exposure

Harsh chemicals such as chlorine can damage the surface of rings. We always recommend taking the rings off while swimming as the water in swimming pools usually contain chlorine.

Nickel Inclusion

Damascus steel rings are generally hypoallergenic. However, it may contain very small traces of nickel that may cause allergies for people allergic to nickel.


Damascus steel rings are very hard and tough, and removal of the band in an emergency situation is possible using traditional removal tools such as jewellery cutters and clamps.

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