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About Titanium Rings

All you need to know

Titanium rings are trendy, exquisite, and eye-catching, but also durable and tough. Moreover, many people are moving away from likes the traditional gold and silver rings. Nowadays, titanium, hardwood, and other alternative metal rings are trending, and people are starting to consider them as their long term finger accessory.

What is Titanium?

Titanium ring composition consists of titanium and steel along with other modifying agents that enhance its durability and strength. Titanium is a transition alloy that is formed of iron, aluminum, vanadium, and molybdenum.

Titanium is low density and highly strengthening. In appearance, it is a silver-lustrous metal and remains resistant to corrosion in seawater and chlorine. It is lightweight, durable, non-rusty, corrosion-free, and can be shaped easily.

Why you should get a Titanium Ring


Titanium is a strong transition metal, which gives it it’s durability. The properties of titanium make rings that are incredibly strong, and are capable of lasting for years and years.


Titanium wedding bands, engagement, and wedding rings are lightweight compared to denser materials such as tungsten carbide.


Apart from being user-friendly, fashionable, and eye-catching, titanium bands are also affordable as they are available at reasonable prices. The cost of customized designs is also affordable. Titanium rings can be designed to contain stones, and the price will vary depending upon the type of stone you want to be embedded in it.


Titanium is an inherently hypoallergenic material and therefore is very unlikely to react with skin unlike metals such as gold and silver. Lightweight titanium rings rarely cause allergic reactions to the skin.

Individuals do develop sensitivity towards various materials, but almost none have shown hypersensitivity reactions towards titanium. Moreover, patch testing indicates no positive reaction to titanium wedding bands.

Scratch resistance

Titanium wedding bands, engagement, and wedding rings are more scratch-resistant than traditional gold and silver rings, which can scratch very deep with enough impact force. However, scratches on titanium jewellery are very shallow and appear just on the surface and can be polished out.

Corrosion resistance

Titanium is a transition metal, but it is resistant to corrosion. Corrosion occurs in a natural process of destruction of materials by chemical or electrochemical reaction with their environment. Metals are mostly susceptible to corrosion, but titanium is not one of those materials.

Stylistic Freedom

Titanium wedding bands, engagement, and wedding rings are available in various designs, carvings, colours, and styles, and are easily workable.


Titanium is a superior metal for jewellery, as it does not tarnish, is safe to use, and compatible with skin.

Things to consider


Titanium wedding rings and bands are difficult to resize, but it is possible by metalworking specialists. The Ring Shop provides you with the ability to change your ring size for your titanium wedding and engagement rings. You can access our resize services by visiting our Resize Service.


Titanium rings can be removed in an emergency using traditional tools such as manual or power ring cutters.

Titanium Grade

There are three grades of titanium that are useable in manufacturing jewellery. These three grades are Ti-64, Ti-662 and Ti-999. Ti-64 is grade titanium, Ti-662 is super hard titanium, while pure titanium is Ti-999. All can be used to make titanium wedding bands, engagement and weddings rings.


Titanium can be polished, brushed and sandblasted to give differing appearances. Polishing gives a shiny-smooth appearance to the titanium rings. Sandblasting gives the surface a unique matte finish look. Finally brushing for your ring provides a smooth texture and does not give a reflective appearance.

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